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Top 10 Awarded Stylist for 2015

01.  Petra Flannery

“I really try to individualize my clients. I concentrate on their particular fashion persona.”

Clients : 1. Emma Stone 2. Amy Adams

02. Leslie Fremar

"The dress Karl designed was a masterpiece — an iconic dress for an incredible moment."
Clients : 1. Julianne Moore 2. Reese Witherspoon

03.Karla Welch & Kemal Harris

"We created a story of elegance and didn’t fall into trends." 
Clients : 1. Felicity Jones 2. Robin Wright 


04. Kate Young

"I watched a ton of movies when I was writing my book last year, and I used my own photo research for inspiration this year."
 Clients : 1. Dakota Johnson 2. Sienna Miller

05.  Ilaria Urbinati

"I held on to that gown for so long — I knew it would be magic when I found the right person."
 Clients : 1.Laura Dern 2. Bradley Cooper


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