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The Past, Present And Future of Bracelets

Bracelet recognition goes back towards the Roman occasions and continues today.

Roman bracelets shared most of the design designs of bracelets and ear-rings from those years. The popular ball ear-rings from those years were nicely matched up having a ball style bracelet. Engraved bracelets and lizard bracelets were extremely popular throughout Roman occasions.

Bracelets made from twisted coil with lion mind finishes were the norm, as were the 2 part bracelets ending with a set of lion heads. The Heracles knot bracelet is known as a Roman era piece.

The Roman's were very creative within the creating of the jewellery. Nonetheless they still lent from Greek motifs. Palmettos, running dogs and acanthus leaves, all Greek origin, were frequently observed in the creating of Roman jewellery.

Gemstones and glass were frequently utilized in Roman bracelets. . Jewel gemstones were generally found occur eyes. Open bands were cut to represent a row of ivy and entwined with pearls.

Most of the leaf and berry bracelets were heavily embellished with decorative glass. The wealthy women might be seen putting on bracelets layered in bezel set normally.

Throughout the Gerogiian occasions bracelets continued to be popular. Paris jewelry retailers were recognized for their gold bracelets set with gem edging. Following the 1820s barrier grew to become the "in" fashion statement, so bracelets along with other jewellery were heavily set with barrier.

Throughout the Gerogiian time that it was very fashionable to put on many bracelets at the same time, including wide ribbon gold mesh bracelets, and silk ribbon bracelets. Jewel and Gemstone bracelets specified for in geometric designs. Gold was heavily used throughout today.

The Victorian times introduced changes towards the styles of ladies, including jewellery styles. Ear-rings increased lengthy and dangled, bracelets grew to become rigid and were normally worn in pairs. The buckle bracelet grew to become very fashionable.

The jewellery from the Victorian times expressed sentiment, and bracelets weren't any exception. Bracelets would contain lockets or charms with pictures or hair of a family member, and engravings were common

Early Victorian jewellery loved some mystic with hidden meanings being popular. The acrostic bracelets in which the first letter of every gem typed a thing of friendship were extremely popular. For instance a bracelet set with Lapis, Opal, Vermeil [hessonite garnet] and Emerald would spell Love.

The Skill Nouveau period once more saw changes to fashion and jewellery. Chameleons and serpents entwined themselves around bracelets. The mystical Egyptian scarab was discovered on bracelets and rings.

Other popular animals incorporated dragonflies, seeing stars, bees, peacocks, swans, as well as bats. It was a really figural period mounted on character.

If jewellery didn't illustrate animals it portrayed flower blossoms or flower buds.

From 1910 to 1939 women's styles saw sleeveless or short sleeve dresses appear. The end result was flexible bracelets and bracelets worn around the upper arm. These arm bracelets were frequently embellished with gems or diamonds.

From 1940 to 1949 US designers were greatly affected through the designs in the French house of Van Cleef & Arpels. Bracelets with ribbon of hexagon lines dedicated to fine gems attached with heavy clasps grew to become very style.

From 1950 to 1960 daytime saw simpler lines because of not only gold bracelets but bracelets too. Gold mesh or twisted wire bracelets were extremely popular.

From 1960 to 1970 bracelets grew to become more flexible and were frequently set with gems. Bracelets however grew to become more rigid and were frequently seen set with random gemstone positions.

From 1970 to 1979 bracelets were flexible and frequently set with small baguettes. Delicate and dainty bracelets were style.

In the eighties to now bracelet styles happen to be mixed and varied. Bracelet styles have grown to be much more of a person fashion statement than the usual trend.

Gold has always continued to be common as have gems, however silver is becoming extremely popular and famous for its flexibility and wear-ability at affordable prices. Within the last couple of years we have also seen a rise sought after for titanium bracelets.

Today a women's fashion statement is all about her! What she likes, what she gets good in. So that your bracelet wardrobe could be no matter what you would like. Put on a dainty jewel set gold bracelet or perhaps an armful of cumbersome bracelets, that is very style this year.

Your fashion statement is all about what you are, so you can be you!


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