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A Promising Bracelet for your Happier Life

The Genuine Shamballa Bracelets are inspired  from meditation and Buddhist history of practices. To welcome the memory in our infinite love and deep rooted empathy towards ourselves yet others. Energy of Creation is represented through the star of Shamballa and also the thunderbolt. The star signifies the feminine creative energy from the world and also the male firepower of creation.

Having a traditional macrame manual toggle securing mechanism, around the top end, Shamballa bracelets feature pave diamonds, and much more affordable options happen to be accomplished with Swarovski deposits.

The bracelets, offered in a number of cost points, result on male and female celebs alike including Attacking Young Boys, Avoi Longoria, Jennifer Aniston, Ashton Kutcher, Olivia Palermo, Ryan Lochte, Kanye, Kim Kardashian, and Gywenth Paltrow.


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